How to Name Your App for Maximum Downloads

There are millions of apps on the app stores, but how do you stand out from all of your competitors? Giving the application an effective name is a great start! The name of the mobile app is often the users first interaction with your brand, and many users look at your app name to see if they would like to download the application.

Naming an app is one of the most difficult tasks, because of the small number of characters you’re able to utilise. You need to be direct and convincing in those few characters and aim to make a mark on the user immediately. Your app name will also need to follow app store guidelines as well as trying to entice users to download the app on their phone or tablet. You will need to enhance your ASO which stands for App Store Optimisation, the most important part of this is to come across as original offering something that hasn’t been done before. We have created a list of things below that you should consider when naming your app.

Ensure that your App is Striking

Although you may have created a completely different app, offering users alternative features in comparison to your competitors, you may have used a similar sounding ‘generic’ app name which could prevent users from downloading your app. The user may be confused over which app to choose, or your mobile app may be lost in the search results, and therefore, the user is more likely to choose a unique looking, competitor app. The app that you created could be an original application, so you need to ensure that the brand/app name immediately presents a certain narrative to the user; demonstrating the purpose of the app, and how it’s better than competitor applications. For example, ‘Football News with Live Scores’. The key here is to ensure the app name demonstrates what makes the app unique or appealing to your target demographic.

Short & Simple

We shorten and abbreviate words all the time, including names and general words. This is something that you need to take into consideration when naming your application. You’re allowed to use 30 characters on iOS and 50 on Android, even with that limit you can only see 20 characters without the rest being cut off. You only have a small number of characters to shine, therefore, you need to make sure that your name is short enough to appear in the search results.

Importance of Keywords

The discovery of your application on the app store all comes down to the keywords implemented in your app name. Apple has already stated that 65% of downloads come from the store search. When a user searches something in the search box, the results appear based on the most relevant keywords that have been entered. It is a good idea to place one or two keywords in the name of the app, however, you shouldn’t overload the name with keywords and detract from the overall quality of the name. This could have a negative effect on rankings and appear like a scam.

Ensure that your Tone is Correct

If the mobile application will help a user with a problem, then ensure that you tell the user how your app can help them, this should answer any particular questions they may have.  If you’re marketing your app as a children’s game, then make sure your app sounds fun and inviting.

Planning is Key

The first task you should focus on when deciding on a name for an app, is to brainstorm and come up with ideas, and choose the best result to come out of the session. Talking to a few people on the matter will help you get a range of ideas, instead of just one person’s thoughts, as brainstorming alone could lead to one-sided thinking or result in you neglecting alternative views and interpretations.

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