How Has Covid 19 Transformed the Tech Industry?

Covid 19 has seemingly transformed every industry, the tech industry included. However, how has the tech industry bounced back and survived through these last 15 months? The tech industry has been transformed and changed but not in the ways that you may think…

Increase in Remote Working

The tech industry excelled in many ways during the peak of Covid-19, this was mainly due to 71% of professionals in the UK seamlessly and simply transitioning to remote working. The tech industry was positively effected in this light, due to many people using online and remote services and this caused an increase in the purchases of technology in order to facilitate remote working.  

More AI Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also likely to grow as a sector within IT and as departments within businesses. This is also due to Covid-19 preventing people to return to work and because of this, in order to keep businesses functioning at a good level, companies have invested more into AI as a way to compensate for  the lack of workers on machine equipment.

Created More Jobs

Although many people have sadly lost their jobs because of Covid-19, this was not the case when it comes to the tech industry, this is because 1 in 10 jobs advertised during the height of Covid-19 were related to the tech industry. In comparison to other industries, the tech industry has fared well and was able to bounce back by the end of 2020 as hiring levels were even matching monthly year-on-year levels. Recruitment for software and mobile developers also increased due to the demand for mobile app solutions during the pandemic.

Security Concerns

As a lot of companies have switched to the digital workplace due to Covid-19, they may be vulnerable to digital scammers and hackers. We understand that some security measures are not to the standard that they should be and because of this, companies are losing money.

However, to put our customers at ease, at Apploy we are committed to ensuring the highest security and safety of all user data that we access. We collect your personal data for the purpose of gathering usage data. This usage data may be processed for the purposes of analysing the use of the website and services.

We make sure that any personal data that is shared with us from our customers is not kept longer than necessary, if your personal data is no longer needed then we will dispose of it. To find out more, be sure to see our Privacy Policy page.

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