How to Analyse User Feedback

Consumer feedback is intrinsic in creating a website or application solution that meets the needs of the customer. While the actual collection of said feedback may be relatively simple if the solution is operating on a large scale, more frequently than not, an unfocused analysis process will have you staring at a sheet of paper of little to no relevance to the information you are actually looking for. Analysing user feedback is a high-level skill but one that is vital in improving your website or application.

Sorting Feedback by Customer

Not all customers are equal to a business and you’re likely to value the opinions of a certain demographic over those of another. If you’re running an ecommerce website or app you might be especially interested in the feedback received from high-spending customers as these will likely account for much of your profit. On the other hand, you may wish to focus on users from a certain demographic as they may be more likely to generate referrals and additional leads. While you should take an interest in all of the feedback you receive, segmenting into groups can help you prioritise which issues need to be resolved more urgently.


If you find that there are multiple people saying the same thing, it’s pretty likely that they’ve found a major issue rather than just a glitch. It’s also definitely worth keeping an eye on issues that keep coming up month after month as these may highlight some underlying issues with your systems.

Red Flags

If you get lots and lots of feedback on a regular basis, you probably won’t be able to resolve all of the issues you come across. The inclination may be to prioritise fixes based on the number of customers who flag the issue, and while this isn’t a bad way to approach feedback, there are instances in which you should resolve a different, more severe issue first. If you have 50 customers reporting that one of the images on your homepage isn’t displaying correctly, it’s probably nowhere near as urgent as the 3 people who report that they’ve been charged the wrong price.

Consider Motivations

If a service or a product is pretty average, people are unlikely to leave any feedback. Much of the feedback you receive will be very positive or very negative. This, however, doesn’t mean that people either love or hate your product, but rather that many of the people who think it’s OK don’t really feel any incentive to provide feedback. Of course, their feedback might be very valuable and you should look to incentivise them to do so.

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