App Prototypes, What are They and Why do I Need One?

Putting together a mobile app for your business is quite often a long and complicated procedure, one that frequently requires multiple stages of planning and preparation in order to yield the intended results. App prototypes are a key part of the planning process and can ensure that your mobile app ends up looking – and working – exactly how you would like it to.

What is an App Prototype?

An app prototype can come in one of many forms and frequently offers insight into how the features of the application will work or be implemented. Coming in all different shapes and sizes, some prototypes are basic sketches with rough ideas about UI design and functionality whilst others can be likened to fully functional applications. Where a prototype sets itself apart from a completed application however, is in the lack of functional coding present.

Some of the more complex prototypes on the market offer their own interactive features and simulate the way the application will function once completed.

Why Do I Need an App Prototype?

Identifying potential risks or threats – its pretty common for apps that haven’t been planned properly to encounter issues during their development. This usually forces the developers to make changes on the fly – or in some more extreme circumstances – even restart the project from scratch. A prototype allows you to gain an understanding of how the app will function up completion, thereby identifying any potential obstacles that may occur along the way.

Marketing to Investors – gaining funding for an application can be a considerable challenge when the investors don’t have a clear idea of how the final product may look. With a prototype you can not only stand out from the competition but are also more likely to garner ongoing support from investors who back your idea.

Lowers Risk – there’s nothing worse than pouring lots of funding and effort into a project only to find that it’s bound to fail; a prototype provides the opportunity to fail early into the project at a point at which there is very little wasted investment. Even on a smaller scale, a prototype can help you identify elements of your app that may simply not be achievable.  

Should I Create an App Prototype?

While every instance of application design is completely unique, in many instances an app prototype is a highly recommended part of the planning process. Keep in mind that app prototypes can vary greatly based on their purpose and you should therefore always look to create a prototype that fits the type of application you are trying to create.

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