In order to combat rising sophisticated car theft, Griffin Security has developed AutoRing. This unique clever device is installed into a vehicle and programmed to detect vehicle access, capture images using hidden cameras and then alert the vehicle owner.


Once AutoRing is triggered it captures images from within the vehicle, which needs to be sent to the owner via a push notification on their mobile device. A solution was required that works on both iOS and Android platforms to display this information. A web-based admin portal was also required to manage devices, account holders, an alerts system and display key metrics.


This challenging project required a complex technology stack consisting of a bespoke API, mobile networking, geo-location, and live notifications being developed. Appoly had to collaborate with the third-party device manufacturer and work within their device parameters.

A web server and bespoke software were written to be able to receive and process images and location data from the devices over a mobile network. A customer-facing app (Android and iOS) was designed and developed to receive live alerts, location mapping and the images captured by the device.


The end result is an App that allows device owners the ability to track and monitor the whereabouts of their vehicles in real-time. Upon receiving images and location-based data they are able to make an informed decision on whether to report their vehicle stolen.

Statistics show, the quicker a stolen vehicle can be reported – the higher the chance of its recovery!