The Cafe2U mobile app brings award-winning coffee crafted by expert Baristas directly to your workplace or event, the app can be used to manage loyalty stamps, free drinks, pre-paid drinks and track your driver’s progress!


Cafe2U’s growing network of franchise partners serves gourmet coffee to thousands of customers across the UK. Cafe2U offers its customers unique welcome breaks in ‘non-traditional’ locations that cannot be found in the workplace; from office parks, industrial estates to community and sporting events! Cafe2U approached Appoly in need of a mobile app to digitise their processes and provide customers with greater visibility whilst enhancing the user experience.

Cafe2U’s mobile delivery service lacked visibility, making it difficult for customers to track and observe their drivers location and progress. Similarly, despite the popularity of their loyalty scheme, Cafe2U wanted to digitise their processes; offering a superior customer experience by moving away from pre-paid cards and their paper-based loyalty card scheme.


Push notifications to alert customers that their driver is ‘on the way’ or ‘outside’, as well as driver tracking via the Cafe2U mobile app, provides much-needed visibility to customers. Each customer has a specific QR code which the driver can scan to process pre-purchased beverages and collect stamps. As well as this, customers can access their digital loyalty card in the app to view and track their stamps and rewards.

Process & Features

For Cafe2U, it was essential that the strong sense of community between drivers, customers and colleagues who congregate for a coffee break remained the fundamental part of the customer experience. We worked closely with the Cafe2U team to ensure that the system did not become overly automated and that the interaction and communication between drivers, customers and community members remained the key part of the customer experience, alongside offering greater visibility and efficiency for customers.


  • Track your driver with live updates
  • Push notifications eg. ‘your driver is on the way’
  • Collect loyalty stamps and earn free drinks
  • Acquire pre-paid drink cards and spend credits
  • QR code to process pre-purchased beverages & collect stamps