We wanted to be able to see how a watch would look on your wrist before buying it, and with the growth of online shopping, this is not always becoming possible.

How it worked?

We developed an app using Unity and Vuforia. With these technologies, it became possible to render 3-dimensional objects in augmented reality.

The app started out with a single watch face that would attach to the user’s wrist when an image target in view of the camera. This would stay in view allowing the user to rotate and move their wrist to get the best view of the watch.

We then developed onto this allowing the user to select through a list of watch faces like a catalogue that you would typically find on an online store.


Having the ability to try watches on your wrist opens up a plethora of possibilities with other accessories or clothing.

This could become a major advantage for online retailers allowing customers to try on their products, whether it be a ring or a new jumper, before committing to a purchase.