Internet of Things

Contact our IoT services experts today to see how our Internet of Things services can aid your business’ processes. Networking of physical devices can collect and exchange data using embedded sensors.


Reasons to Choose our IoT Services

Utilise hardware, software and the Internet to help connect people and devices. Any object can be connected: from a football up to an entire building. It’s estimated that over 50m objects will be IoT enabled by 2020 and that there might be as many as 1,500,000,000,000 (1.5 trillion) networkable objects across the globe.

Appoly have an extensive R&D programme with IoT experimenting, beacons, RFID tags and a wide variety of IoT sensors, including accelerometers, light and temperature.

What are the Business Applications for IoT Solutions?

There is huge potential for IoT development to transform business intelligence, especially when coupled with big data. Here are a few benefits:

  • Improving Customer Experience – Real-time diagnostics and feedback to provide better customer service.
  • Product tagging – IoT applications can provide real-time data such as location, position, temperature and failure.
  • Remote Reporting – Provide reactive alerts for maintenance or faults.
  • Location Context – Provide information about objects or users based on location and distance.


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The implementation of IoT devices and applications into your business can not only provide added productivity, but it ensures that your organisation is future-proof. Our IoT services team can help your business in gaining extra sustainability by endorsing the technology of the future at an early stage.

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