Ensuring that your user has a good experience on your digital platform is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re creating an app or website. Contact our user experience design team today to discuss how you can improve your UX and produce more conversions.


Appoly will help you define your user journeys and goals which will create a connection with your customers. This is the process of how we do it.


Information architecture

Putting it simply, structuring and organising the content held on an app or a website are the foundations of any digital solution. It’s incredibly important to get this right, mistakes can impact usability and how information is found with a search. Understanding the principles of information architecture allows us to create digital experiences that deliver results for your business. Using a combination of experience, research and development we can ensure your mobile app or website performance is optimal.

Design and build

At Appoly, we create from the ground up. Every project is bespoke and our UX approach works hand-in-hand. We believe in developing ideas quickly and testing regularly so that any issues that may appear along the process are ironed out before launch.


Appoly design a professional digital brand that connects with the customer, tells a story and welcomes them in before a human connection is made.


Here we go into sprint mode, building prototypes allow us to explore ideas and test them quickly. The idea is to get a useable digital solution in front of clients and users to gain valuable feedback where we can iterate and make it perfect.

User interface design

We design and build beautifully crafted, carefully thought about apps and websites. No design decision is taken lightly, from the interactions to the calls to actions, we design an experience that is clear and easy to use.


We apply best practices for accessibility on screens. Designing for the users’ needs in relation to colour contrast, text sizes, Alt text on images and ensuring the experience is enjoyable from start to finish.

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