A Guide to Developing an Augmented Reality App

Augmented reality enables app developers and businesses to overlay digital data on top of real-world objects. Although past its infancy, AR is already making huge waves across the mobile app technology landscape. Using AR technology can ensure your business stands out in a far more engaging way.

Marker Based Augmented Reality Apps

Marker-based apps operate by enabling the software to pinpoint patterns via the device camera then proceeding to overlay digital information upon the real-world environment. This means that when a user points their smartphone at a particular object or setting, they can see a virtual UI on top of the object. Secondly, if the image in question is either animated or 3D, the digital overlay sits on top of the recognised pattern. These emerging technologies offer enormous potential and are great potential software’s for developing AR apps.

Location-Based Augmented Reality Apps

Location-based augmented reality apps utilise the distinct capabilities of mobile devices to monitor the position of each device. This enables an AR app to provide contextual data based upon the specific location of an individual device. In terms of real-world application, AR enables location-sensitive functionality.  An example of this would be, locating a vehicle in a busy car park, or understanding constellation patterns in the night sky.

How to Develop an Augmented Reality App

When developing an augmented reality app, you need to consider many variables, which include-using computer software to generate images, it is fundamental that the images in question look realistic and credible. It is also important that imagery is correctly aligned with the real-world environment. Getting both elements right can be extremely tricky from a development perspective.

Given the rapid growth of AR adoption, it is essential to consider that in the future, many consumers will expect a seamless user experience. Making your app simple and intuitive will vastly increase your chances of success in a rapidly growing market. Developing AR apps involves more than just image analysis and processing techniques. Your team will need access to more traditional mobile app development capabilities and utilise developers with a deep understanding of the mobile app development process.

Typically, augmented reality app developers will possess a mixture of skills, including 3D modelling, computer vision and imaging expertise, along with a deep understanding of existing mobile technologies. From an image perspective, you will need an experienced development team who have an in-depth understanding of 3D modelling.

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