The Value of Mobile Apps for B2B Businesses

The vast majority of mobile applications currently on the market are designed for mass consumption by the general public. This, however, does not mean that other types of apps do not serve their own purpose and add value to specific demographics; B2B applications are one such example of this. The term B2B stands for business to business and refers to providers of services or products pertaining to a business rather than an individual consumer. Prime examples of B2B service providers include external HR companies, mobile app developers, and even digital marketing agencies. A B2B mobile application can offer an assortment of benefits to a business and is something that is being more commonly adopted across various industry types.


When working within a B2B field, communication is absolutely essential in ensuring ongoing functionality. Dealing with online websites can sometimes be slow and laborious, with many not being practical enough to supply the frequently large-scale needs of a major business. A mobile app offers a completely unique channel of communication through which the service/product supplier can identify the user as a major client and thus focus more of their resources on meeting their demands. This can be particularly useful for businesses such as Amazon which provide products to both mainstream and business clients; it wouldn’t be especially practical to have a major conglomerate decorate their new headquarters by adding 250+ computer desks to someone’s private shopping basket.

Another major benefit to a B2B mobile app is the communication it can offer within various levels of the business hierarchy. Features such as notifications of upcoming deliveries or tracking of staff locations can potentially make someone’s life far simpler.


The intensity (and frequency) of support a business will need greatly differs to that of a regular person. B2B mobile applications serve to offer a direct channel to a support professional serving as an alternative to traditional support ticket systems present on many websites. In most instances, this method of carrying out user support is far cheaper and simpler than alternatives with businesses being able to get the support they need quicker than when approaching the provider through other means.

Integrated Features

One of the main reasons as to why B2B businesses are leaning more toward using mobile applications to deliver their solutions is due to the feature integration they offer. A B2B mobile app can be set up to offer a whole host of information to the user; look no further than mobile apps such as Google Analytics or any banking application designed for business. A lot of B2B applications also offer real-time data which allows for a business to accurately track conversions and improve parts of the application that may be lacking.

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