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Can a Website’s SEO be Affected by Developmental Factors?

There’s no denying how important SEO activities have become for websites and businesses within the digital industry.

Many people still view web development and SEO as two separate entities, however, the way in which a site has been coded/developed can actually have a huge impacted on the site’s performance within search engines.

There are many factors of search engine optimisation that can be impacted by the way a website is built. Whether it’s site speed, URL structure, header tags, etc. it is wise to have SEO at the forefront of your mind when developing a site.

Let’s take a look at some of the key ways in which SEO can be affected via the developmental side of a website.

Site Speed Optimisation for SEO

If you want to build a website that is SEO friendly, one of the main and most obvious points to consider is site speed.

It’s obvious that search engines aren’t going to rank a slow website with loads of bloated code and large images as high as it would a clean-coded and quick website.

When developing websites, always try to keep your code as clean as possible and consider which aspects of the site may need further planning to ensure they won’t cause sluggishness.

Automated Header Tagging

The structure of a website is very important for user-friendliness, and with that being the case, we can be certain that it’s also important to Google and other search engines.

While you can add the appropriate header tags to a page at any time, it’s always a good idea to implement automation into the tagging process.

For instance; if we wanted the titles of a site’s pages to also be the H1 tags, we would have the process automated, meaning that should the user forget to implement header tags appropriately, there is some reliability on the website itself. This means the SEO basics regarding header tags should automatically be covered, even if not perfectly, enough.

Correct Canonicalization

Correct canonicalization is important for a site’s SEO due to the fact that it eliminates the risk of duplicate content.

It is advisable to ensure that a site’s IP address and protocol variants all redirect to the same URL.

For instance – entering “appoly.co.uk” or “http://appoly.co.uk” in your search bar will redirect to “https://2017.appoly.co.uk/” – which is ideal, as it prevents multiple versions of a website being live on different web addresses.

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