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If you’re currently working on a developmental project, you may be hoping to have your code checked and audited before the end product is put live.

The team at Appoly understand the importance of proper coding for developers and end-users, and we never consider a project to be completed until the coding for that project is clean, and free of bloated or erroneous code.

We offer our expert auditing service to anyone who is unsure of their coding or would just like the peace of mind of knowing that their code has been implemented in the most effective possible way.


Reasons to Choose Appoly for Code Audits & Reviews


The team of development experts at Appoly have years of experience in code auditing and reviewing for businesses and developers across the UK.

We offer a bespoke code audit process which is in-depth and client-friendly.


Simplicity is Key

We understand that you’re striving for efficiency, as well as effectiveness. Therefore, we have developed our processes and services to be as simple for the client as possible, allowing our client’s the relief of knowing their work is taken care of.

Keeping it simple for you means that you can continue advancing the other areas of your business, which keeps us happy, since we like to see our clients achieving and progressing. Not worrying and stressing.


Our Approach – The End-User Comes First

Our expert developers know that one of the most important factors to consider before rolling out any final product is the end-user.

In the modern digital age, the more we take care of our end-users, the more we are rewarded by the hosts of our products, such as search engines and app stores.

Our end-user centric approach ensures that your users will be able to engage with your product with as much ease as possible. Meaning they’ll be happy to use it, and the hosts will be happy to display and push your product to more potential users.


I’m a Developer, Do I Need to Have My Code Reviewed?


Development is broad. With the myriad of coding languages that can be used today, even some experienced developers may find themselves feeling unsure of their code in certain circumstances.

So, if you’re developing for the first time on a new language and just need confirmation that your code is up to standard, we’re here to help with our code audit service.

We’ll do a bespoke code review for you, highlighting the good and the not so good, so that you can know which areas need improvement.


Contact Appoly for Code Audit & Code Review Services


If you or your business need a code audit for your project, get in touch with the expert developers at Appoly and we’ll discuss your code review needs in further depth.

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You can get in touch via our contact form, phone number or email address, which can all be found on our contact page.

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