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Web App Development Services

Web application is software that is delivered using a web browser.

They provide web access to software previously distributed as local applications installed on the client machine or device.

These versatile applications can have a wide range of uses, including social media platforms, data processing tools, or dashboard and analytical reporting suites.

Appoly have a track record of designing and developing sustainable solutions that allow you to unlock new potential. Using web application technology, we can help you move towards workplace automation, access reliable real-time data and improve operational efficiency.

Web Application Development Building Process 

Discovery Phase

In order to produce a high-quality web application, the discovery phase is important. This phase of the web application development project, we outline initial objectives and conduct in-depth research for the people that will use your app.

Prototypes & Wireframes Phase

This stage of the web browser app build is where the development team create sketches and drawings of all of the interface and screen features of the web application. This provides you with a visual representation of what the app will look like. The wireframing stage of the process should be completed before the build to ensure both the app development company and the client are on the same page.

The Build Phase

Appoly’s web app developers will start to code using the industries best practises for an outstanding quality responsive design.

Web App Consultancy Services

Part of a larger movement towards de-centralised reliance on in-house infrastructure and support. Web applications give you maximum flexibility, whilst also being cost-effective. We provide web application consultancy to discuss your ideas and web app project requirements.

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