Non-Profit App Development

Our app developers have developed a variety of charity mobile apps to help non-profit organisations boost donations and raise awareness of the charity. Many charity organisations are behind the curve in terms of digital presence. Now that more and more people are using smartphones and download hundreds of mobile apps every year, so why not start your charity mobile app development journey. Appoly’s smooth non-profit app development procedure allows charities to gain extra donations each year by engaging potential users.

Non-Profit Application Developers

Our team of charitable app developers who deliver premium non-profit app development to to a range of non-profit organisations. Our charity app developers will lead you through the development process of creating apps for raising money for the charity. Appoly’s team of app developers have years of experience in the charity app sector, they understand that all non-profit app development projects are unique and they take time to properly understand your requirements. Whatever the requirements are for your non-profit app, our professional app developers are available to develop tailored charitable app solutions.

Charity Mobile App Development

We provide personalised iOS and Android mobile apps for charity organisations across the UK. Looking for a native mobile app or a hybrid app development, our non-profit app developers have you covered. Our award-winning mobile app development team have won numerous awards for our non-profit mobile apps. Read more about our mobile application development services here.

How Can Mobile Apps Help Non-Profit Organisations?

Since non-profit don’t always have a huge budget to work with, here at Appoly work closely with the charitable organisation to ensure that we produce a high-quality charity mobile app at an affordable price.

Boost Donations

Non-profit mobile apps makes it easier for volunteers to donate. They can donatethe money in a couple of taps.More traditional methods of donating charities canbe difficult if you don’t have physical money to hand. Enhancing user experience will mean that the user is more likely to donate again because of how easy it is.

Raising Awareness of the Charity

The effectiveness of flyers and going door to door asking for donations has reduced. In the digital age, more people are using their smartphone to donate to charities. Therefore, it’s important that your non-profit donation has a digital footprint and there is no better way to engage with volunteers than developing a charity mobile app. By developing a mobile app it makes it easier for volunteers to find you. Alongside an effective marketing campaign, you can increase the amount of people that notice the problem your charitable organisation is trying to resolve.

Engaging with Volunteers

Another advantage of a charity mobile app is that it helps you retain voluteers and encourage these volunteers to donate regularly. It’s important that your mobile app is engaging enough for them not to delete the mobile application after one donation.

Large Charitable Event Management

There are thousands of non-profit organisation social events held every year. Many charities hold annual events, apps are perfect for these kind of events because it keeps the volunteers engaged for a whole year  and for them to donate regularly.

Contact our Charitable App Development Team

Need to develop a charity mobile app for your organisation? Our non-profit app developers are here to develop a custom charity application to boost your volunteers user experience.. Contact our team today by using our contact form or giving us a call