The Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for Auditing Processes

Many businesses are now opting to use mobile applications to fulfil their auditing processes, as opposed to traditional methods.

With the sudden gain in usage of mobile auditing applications, some are left wondering what it’s all about.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of using mobile applications for business auditing processes.


Instant Database Updates

At first, traditional business auditing processes required staff members to manually update databases following audits. This is obviously not ideal in a world where businesses always need their data to be consistently up to date in order to stay ahead of competition.

This is a good advantage for business efficiencies.


Security Systems

Another great benefit of using mobile applications for business auditing processes is the additional levels of security available over traditional methods.

Traditional methods i.e. pen and pad, don’t offer the same levels of security as digital methods, encryption obviously being one of the key benefits where security is concerned.



As technology advances, we’ve witnessed a lot of the devices and software we use becoming more seamlessly linked. This is an amazing help in terms of business efficiencies.

Again, prior to being able to integrate your digital systems, any kind of crossover between processes would have been a manual and tedious task.

So, the benefits of having your business auditing automatically integrated are obvious. Should any inefficiencies or faults be detected, your system can automatically pick up on this and make amendments accordingly.


Evidence Recording

One of the great features of mobile app auditing is the ability to record evidence in real-time. If you detect any faults or damages that need amending. Also, you can use the devices built in camera to instantly record the issue via photographs or video.

Therefore, you don’t have to carry multiple devices everywhere and you won’t have to worry about having a lack of evidence to back up your audits.



Should your business outgrow your auditing system, mobile auditing apps can easily be adapted and expanded to suit the new needs of your business.

Prior to this, a lot of time and effort would have been needed to develop a whole new system, which is very inefficient for businesses to do manually.

Consequently, tasks that would have once been considered a large undertaking can now be dealt with easily, sometimes with only very slight tweaks in coding.


Should I Use Mobile Apps for My Business Auditing?

Now, we have explored some of the reasons for the popularity of mobile auditing within businesses. And as far as we can see, the old manual way is now just outdated and has no benefits over using auditing applications.

More and more businesses are switching to this more effective and efficient way of auditing, and we recommend it for all businesses, in order to keep up with, or ahead of, the competition.


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