Turning Your App Idea from Concept to Reality

Got an app idea that’s too good not to use? You may be wondering about the process of turning your app idea into a fully-fledged and usable application.

We’re going to explore some of the steps and processes involved in having an app developed from scratch.


What are the First Steps to Take with Your New App Idea?

First and foremost, as with any idea, you’re best to start by researching the market.

Market research is a crucial step for any business, product or app idea. It can be the maker or breaker of an idea, so it’s highly advisable to start by doing your research.

Here are a few things we recommend checking for:

  • Competition – Does your idea serve a unique purpose or offer something that other apps don’t already? If your idea is already being done very well, it can make it very difficult for you to get ahead, this is a huge consideration.
  • Necessity – Is your app idea necessary? The ideal situation would be one where people are already searching for the answer to a problem. You want your app to be that answer.
  • Obstacles – This is a broad one, depending on your idea, you may need to spend a long time trying to work out what the obstacles are and how to overcome them, or you may need not worry at all. Obstacles can be anything from local laws to data protection acts and more.


Create Your Roadmap / Plan of Action

Now that you’ve researched your idea and are happy to commence, the next thing you’ll be needing to do is develop your roadmap.

This is going to be a plan outlining what you intend to do with your app and how you intend to do it.

You’ll need this plan before you can move onto the later stages of development.

We’ll leave this one down to you!


Speak to App Development Professionals

Your idea can only become a reality when you have a developer working on it. Make sure to find an experienced app developer who will be able to effectively develop your app, as well as consult with you on the aspects you’re not so sure about.

Having your roadmap already drafted will be a great help during discussions with developers. These discussions could also lead to you improving your plans to make them more effective and efficient.


Finding Investors for Your App Idea

If you’re going to self-fund your app development venture, this is not an issue, though many people choose to get the backing of investors in order to support the development of their application.

Again, this one is very much down to each individual, so we’ll leave this to you, though we do of course recommend finding the most trust-worthy and quality investors you can.

You can read our recent article on how to ensure your app idea isn’t stolen by investors here.


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