The Top 5 Free Google Maps API Alternatives


What has happened to Google Maps API?

One of the nation’s favourite geographical services in the world; Google has made huge changes to its map’s platforms; people are looking for alternatives all of the time because of the pricing has increased substantially. There are lots of different alternatives to Google Maps that you can try. We have crafted our favourite 5 and gave you some important information regarding the apps.

  • The standard and premium pricing has merged into one pay-as-you-go pricing plan. This raises the prices up by 1400%
  • Projects will all need a valid API key, keyless access is no longer supported by Google.
  • You cannot use API keys without a billing address and handing over your credit card details to Google.
  • However, there is some sunshine in all of this cloud. Customer service is now totally free.


1. Open Layers

OpenLayers is an effective way to put a dynamic map on any web page. It displays map titles and vector data loaded from any source. The software has been developed further in recent years to use geographical information of all kinds. OpenLayers allows you to render vector images on the map and apply drop markers where ever you want!


  • Tiled Layers
  • Vector Layers
  • Mobile Ready
  • Simple to Customise


2. TomTom

One of the leading navigational services in the world. TomTom is one of the first brands you think of when navigation comes to mind. They offer 2500 free transactions, worldwide support and an impressive pay-as-you-go credit package. When using TomTom, you can display maps, but you can also search for locations and find the best routes from A to B.


  • Tiled Maps
  • Location Search
  • Traffic Density
  • Route Finding


3. Bing Maps

Bing maps are strongly supported by Microsoft and are an up and coming navigational service for all of the competitor mobile applications. The map service has been transformed and elevated to new heights including many features that are unique to them. Bing maps have services for all different types of customers from travel directions to snap points to roads.


  • 3D Viewing
  • Up-to-date traffic information
  • Alternative Services
  • High- resolution aerial imagery


4. Mapillary

Founded in 2013, Mapillary is a platform that gives access to street level imagery for everyone and was developed by a group of users. The API allows you to share and street-levels views and map locations in relation to the provided photos. A popular feature of the app is the getSingleImage, which returns an object on the image ID. Anyone can connect and collect street-level images and extract map stats.


  • Support for any camera
  • Imagery Viewer
  • Privacy Blurring
  • Cloud access


5. MapBox

MapBox is a platform used for location data which can be used for mobile and web applications. They provide the foundations for the developer to add features like maps, search and navigation into an experience you produce. Through the app, they reach more than 600 million visitors each month. MapBox produce stunning apps and developer-friendly data so that they’re free to develop your application.


  • Open source roots
  • Beautiful map design
  • Get up to 25,000 monthly active users for free
  • Customised apps



All of the apps that we have spoken about in this blog are focussed on providing the most up-to-date navigational information about different areas, some may be as good if not better than Google Maps. However, there are plenty more options out there, these are just 5 of our favourites. Each of these 5 navigational services is unique in their own way.   


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