Work Experience at Appoly

In January we had the opportunity to invite Matthew Stapleton, a promising teenage programmer, to visit the Appoly studio and spend a week in the shoes of an app developer. Overall the week was highly successful as Matthew learned a number of development skills for Android in an architecture he has never used before. Working at Appoly gave Matthew the opportunity to see what it is like to live in the shoes of a full-time developer as well as providing Appoly members of staff with a chance to develop their mentoring skills.

Matthew’s brief was to develop an app called AutoClean, a company which provides home-visit car cleaning services, for which he was provided with some assets and a general idea of what the app should be able to do. The task was to build a service booking app in which a customer is able to choose a date, fill out their personal details and choose which level of service they would like included in their car clean. In only a week Matthew learned all he needed to produce quality designs for the app and develop it from the ground up (with the support of members of the Android development team of course).

On his last day, I took the opportunity to speak to Matthew and find out how he had found the week, what he had built in his time at Appoly and whether he has any advice for other teenagers looking to get into the world of Software Development. Check out the video to find out more!

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