How Can Mobile Apps Improve Your Business?

The conversion of mobiles going from simply being a communication device to now being an influential part of our day-to-day lives has been remarkable. A key reason behind the growth of handheld devices is the accessibility of a range of mobile apps full of effective features and useful utilities. The world has become very app- dependant. Mobile apps have had a huge influence on both our life and business. Mobile apps have carried many changes onto the worldwide market including the way we transfer money, order your weekly shopping and booking a table at a restaurant. Businesses of all shapes and sizes should think about getting a mobile app to grow their business and reach more customers.

What is the Value of Mobile Apps for Businesses?

Beforehand, mobile apps were more common for big name brands like Barclays and Harrods. Although, in recent times, this misunderstanding has been destroyed completely when small start-up businesses such as Uber and ASOS created a mobile app for the business. The success of Uber and ASOS shows the boundless prospects that can be produced by small icons on our screen. Psychology and strategy of customers has changed a lot in the last decade, they want information about services and products almost instantly. An app adds a little more to your business and helps you develop your customer base and maintain current customers.

The Pros of Creating A Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile apps offer many advantages for companies trying to grow their customer base and boost engagement. The benefits of mobile apps show the importance of developing an app for your business. 

  • Create Customer Loyalty

Many consumers would agree that apps are more interactive and handier than a traditional website. Customers like the ease of finding the exact product or service they are looking for, as well as an easy buying option. For example: Nando’s have a customer rewards system, whereby the customer earns a ‘chilli’ when they visit the restaurant and you can collect them on the Nandos app. When they get to the red chilli level, they get a free meal. The app makes it accessible for customers to see how many chillies they have saved. A mobile app can boost customer loyalty with programs that can increase engagement.

  • Develop Your Accessibility

Your mobile app should be effortlessly accessible for customers. They should feel that your app is secure to make payments and to interact in a mobile environment.

  • Building your Customer Database

Whenever someone signs up on your mobile application, they leave their personal contact information (with their permission). This channel gives you any route for sending the customers offers through ads, text, email etc.

Creating the Best Features for the Mobile App

There are many things that you need to take into consideration when creating your mobile app including designs, which should be aligned with you current branding, so visitors know it’s the same business. Your mobile app should be simple and not too complicated, using your mobile app should be a seamless experience. The businesses loading time should be no longer than 2 seconds, this could have a detrimental effect on the number of visitors. Integrating your social media is an important way to get visitors to share products or services with their followers, this may increase the number of visitors on your mobile app. Another thing you should integrate on your mobile app is a secure and trusted payment gateway, so customers feel safe when paying for products or services.

Android & iOS

iOS and Android are both common platforms. We recommend building your app on both platforms rather than developing it for one platform. This will give you the opportunity to reach customers on both iOS and Android platforms.

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