How to Convince Users to Download your App in 30 Seconds

An app preview is an excellent opportunity to entice users to download your application. If this is done effectively it can be the most influential conversion tool that your app has. Many people find creating an app preview quite daunting, however, we will explain how the application preview can massively improve the download rate for your app when implemented successfully. 

Our app experts here at Appoly have seen the transition of the app stores over the years, and how an app preview can help businesses generate downloads and attract users. With years of experience, our app developers have seen the evolution of app stores, offering businesses a better opportunity to market their app. When completing an app project for our clients we help them through the process of developing an application preview.

What is an App Preview?

An app preview is simply a 30-second video that offers users a short preview of the application. It acts as a ‘teaser’ by giving users an idea and feel of the app and informing their decision on whether to download it. 

Simply put, an app preview should:

  • Introduce your business/brand
  • Give visitors/users some knowledge of how your app interface works
  • Deliver an overall impression of the app’s main features and values

Is an App Preview Essential?

Strictly speaking, no. You can submit your app to the app stores with just some simple screenshots of the app. However, many businesses are starting to add more than one preview because they understand the value and power of video. These days, it is rare that you see an app without an app preview. Users are becoming more accustomed to watching app previews in order to gauge whether an application is worth installing. At Appoly, 

we recommend that businesses create an app preview to help attract users and increase download rates. 

How do you get your app’s story across in an app preview?

We know that 30 seconds isn’t long enough to demonstrate your full story to the potential user. Therefore, you must be smart and selective with what you include in the preview. Portray a clear story and tell your potential users your brand values and how the app will benefit them. You will have to achieve this by mapping out a clear narrative/story structure.

Make your App Preview Stand Out

After you have worked out what your story is going to entail, you now need to think about how you can create a preview that really stands out from competitors. However, it is important to maintain a consistent brand narrative so keep your video consistent with your branding and app aesthetic. If your application preview is nothing like the app, users are going to be left disappointed. 

There are some things you should think about implementing like: visual elements, app footage, music & selecting clips that support the brand’s creativity. 

Producing your app preview can be an overwhelming process, but if you follow the simple instructions above, you should be well on your way to creating the perfect app preview.

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