How Can Contactless Delivery Apps Make Delivery Safer Amidst Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus pandemic has had dramatic effects on businesses across the UK, specifically effecting businesses that rely heavily on dispatching or receiving deliveries. These effects will shadow businesses for months to come; forcing re-imagination and re-invention which will form the foundation for much wider digital transformation across the UK.

Businesses are looking towards innovative and transformative ways of mitigating the risk of Coronavirus to protect delivery drivers and recipients. Leveraging the power of mobile apps and cloud-based technologies can help to avoid traditional pen/paper delivery processes; putting the safety of both drivers and customers first by creating contactless processes. 

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Cloud-based Software

Contactless point of delivery apps can make delivery processes far safer for drivers and customers; complying with government-enforced social distancing measures. At Appoly, we recognise the mounting pressure on internal logistics teams to ensure safety and adhere to government regulations on social distancing, as well as ease customer anxieties during this time. Therefore, we’d advise business owners to look towards cloud-based software that will help to reduce human contact throughout the delivery process. 

By investing in cloud-based technology, business owners can sync newly developed solutions to existing ‘Warehouse Management Systems’. This will enable warehouse operatives to export orders to the cloud as well as view all orders, enhancing visibility. A mobile app that can be downloaded and accessed by both drivers and recipients will allow both parties to confirm delivery via the mobile delivery app. The warehouse staff are then able to instantaneously view the proof of delivery, including signature capture which can be synced to an existing Warehouse Management System; emphasising the value of cloud-based software. This process will offer complete transparency and visibility for businesses by recording information received from the driver and the recipient via the cloud.

Shedding Paper-Based Processes

More than this, paper-based processes are outdated and requesting recipient signatures on delivery driver’s devices does not comply with the enforced social distancing guidelines; putting staff and recipients at risk of contracting the virus. Investing in contactless delivery solutions will help businesses reduce administrative tasks and costs, boost employee efficiency and productivity, and most importantly help to ensure that the delivery process is far safer for employees and customers.

At Appoly, we have helped many businesses digitise and move their services and systems online, shedding outdated paper-based processes. For example, we built Inspection Safe for lift shaft safety experts ‘Safegate’ in order to capture audit data for lift shaft inspection reporting. This paperless lift shaft inspection toolkit provides on-site compliance and reactive reporting suites, streamlining efficiencies for site workers by digitising paper-based tasks.

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