The New Apple M1 Core Processor

This month, Apple has unveiled the new M1 core processor which will be available in new Macs & MacBooks that we will soon be on the market. This new core processor will bring major enhancements to app performance on the MacOS Big Sur (the new operating system). The MacOS Big Sur running on the new Macs alongside the new Apple M1 chip will mean that apps will launch instantaneously.

The OS will enable JavaScript one and a half times faster, the whole system will be twice as responsive. Apps that need high performance to extract 3D animations to edit video footage will run like clockwork. Apple have also announced that they have optimised all of the apps on the app store for M1.

This new Mac software has universal apps which run on both Intel Macs & the new M1 Macs. One company that has already created a universal version of their apps is Adobe. They’re starting with Lightbox and then moving onto Photoshop next year. Mac users will now be able to run both iPhone & iPad apps on their Mac.

However, you may not be able to use some iPhone apps on your Mac just yet… Apple has reminded developers to remain making updates, although you may experience overlaps in terms of automatic placement in the App Store. There are also some iPhone apps that may not be accessible because of the developers opting out of the transition, such as Google & Facebook.

The automatic conversion from iOS and iPadOS to MacOS Big Sur produces an issue for compatibility for some apps. Applications that are only on iPhone such as accelerometers and touchscreen gestures won’t work on a Mac. The technological giants have instructed developers to change their code to enable the app to be compatible or opt-out of having the application on the Mac Store.

Most of the apps will need the developer of the application to opt out of the transition to Mac. However, this isn’t the case for apps that use Core Location API, those apps won’t be accessible on the Mac Store and Apple will exclude these apps without the developer involvement.

Apple will add clarifiers to each of the apps to let the user know if the app has been checked by Apple to see if it is optimised for Mac.

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