How to Put Together a Mobile App Brief of Requirements

As we approach 2021, it’s important to consider the ways you can transform your digital strategy and processes. Developing a mobile app to enhance your business procedures and increase your company’s revenue for the new year is an ideal starting point. A mobile app can transform your business your customer experience offering by providing your customers with a new and simpler way of reaching you. Here at Appoly, all of our client development projects start with a clear and concise brief that provides the team with a firm understanding of what type of app the client requires. If you’re debating whether to write or map out your features and requirements, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to create an informative mobile app development brief of requirements.

With any of our client projects, we aim to develop a collaborative working relationship reliant on consistent communication and an app brief of requirements is an important first part of the development process.

What is a Mobile App Brief of Requirements?

Clients often come to us with a visual design of what they want their mobile app to look like, however, it’s important to get it down in writing. A mobile app brief of requirements is a written document that details the features and functionalities of the mobile app and the problem the client is aiming to solve; providing a clear statement of the company’s brand and vision. 

Why is it Crucial for you to Write a Mobile App Brief of Requirements?

A mobile app brief of requirements acts as the beginning stage of the development process to refine your idea and convert your idea into a product. A brief gives mobile application developers a better understanding of not only what you want but what you expect from the project. Also, the brief will help to save time throughout the duration of the project by ensuring that the roadmap for development and client expectations are clearly defined at the beginning of the process. In the long term, taking your time to map out your ideas and requirements through documentation will pay off when you receive the completed product.

A Guide to Writing the Perfect Mobile App Development Brief of Requirements

An effective brief of requirements is an outline of your project idea. It captures all of the small details and enables us to understand your exact requirements. We don’t want you missing any important details about what you want your app to be like. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to produce a mobile app brief of requirements.

  • Introduce your Business

Start your mobile application development brief by stating your company’s name and website URL. You will also need to include a summary of your business’ goals, vision for the project, and provide your email.

  • The Purpose of the Mobile App

You then need to explain what the mobile app needs to achieve. Why is the mobile app needed? To enhance the useability of your services? Is there a certain feature that cannot be done on your website? Make sure that you’re specific with what you want to get out of the app. You need to describe your target audience and taking care of their needs through the use of a mobile application can help create an effective mobile app.

  • Recognise Competitor Apps

The next important process in your app development brief is looking at your competitors to see if they have a mobile application and provide information on their mobile app and how it works. You should outline aspects of your competitor’s app that you like and how you want your application to stand out from the crowd with an important unique selling point. 

  • The Functionality of the Mobile Application

The app functionality aspect of the brief helps developers understand how your app needs to work, therefore you must focus on the core functionalities of the mobile application. Ensure that you include how core features will help solve the problems that you’re experiencing. Here are some tips on how to produce a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This is a document that includes the must-have features in the app. You will also need to discuss with your mobile app developer if you would like an offline option for the app.

  • Seamless User Navigation

User navigation is important for mobile apps, if users cannot navigate around the app easily, it is likely they will find a similar app and download it. You must do a run-through of how you want users to interact with your app. From opening the app to making a purchase.

  • Creating Content on the App

Content creation is an important aspect of your application, if you struggle to post regular content on the website, users will stop using the mobile application. Content could include, blogs, videos, images, and documents.

  • Choosing the Platform for your Application

You don’t need to think too much about the technicalities of your mobile app as the development team will look after that for you. However, you will need to decide on which platform you want your app to be on. iOS & Android are the two main app platforms, your decision should be based on which platform your target audience is most likely to be on. You can always be on both platforms; however, the project will take longer as there are differences in code. Thinking about whether you want a native application or a cross-platform application is another thing to consider, we can help you decide on which is best for your mobile app.

  • App Visuals

The visual appearance of your mobile application is equally as important as how your user will be interacting on the app. Explaining how you want your app to look is not only helpful for the overall app however it makes it easier for our team of designers to meet your requirements. The visual impact of your app is important for users and will help enhance your brand’s reputation. This is why brief sketches, wireframes, and UI should keep in mind your target audience.

  • Project Budget & Timeline

The final thing you need to include is your budget for the mobile development budget. It is crucial, to be honest with yourself and the mobile app development company about the budget. When breaking down the overall project the cost comes down to the scale of the mobile app. You must make sure that the development company is aware of any deadlines or specific budgets you have. There needs to be clear throughout the app development project, however, there must be no blurred lines in terms of budget.

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