iOS Developer Fundamentals

In today’s market, there are millions of mobile applications across all platforms. These apps are used daily, and many have become an integral part of our lives. In the case of iOS app development, there is an increase in demand, coupled with the need to match the expectations of the user, especially now as Apple has established a distinct landscape amongst its competitors.

As of the third quarter of 2020, the App Store is the second-largest application store in the world with over 1.96 million apps, only second to the Google Play Store that has over 2.87 million apps! This means, when making a mobile application for the App Store, you should always go over some iOS developer fundamentals, here are a few examples.

Define the End Goal

It is an essential step in the iOS developer fundamentals, to define the end goal and objective for your app. Your app should present a clear vision, setting the course for app development as per user expectations. This point is vital as if you decide to develop an app for iOS and you have no clear vision of what you want to achieve, then it will be very difficult for your product to become successful on the App Store or generate revenue for your business.

Understand and Know Your Target Audience

To understand iOS developer fundamentals, you must be aware of your target market and how your app will offer an effective solution to your chosen demographic. Today’s consumers are looking for apps that serve a purpose for them in a way to make their lives just that little bit easier, offering intelligent solutions to their problems.

Once you have narrowed down your target audience, try to gauge an idea of what they are wanting. You can study app market data to see popular trends in the market, as well as studying competitor apps to make your app stand out across the iOS market.

Estimate the Cost and Potential ROI

If you are planning on reaping the largest possible financial return from your app, then making sure you have a calculated approximate cost and ROI (Return on Investment) is a developer fundamental.

‍Before commencing the developmental process, ensure that you have run an evaluation on the cost of developing an app for iOS; consider using KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). This is because, a study conducted by Red Hat, found out that 74% of companies that use a KPI to determine their mobile app success have reported a good ROI!

Make Sure to Follow Apple’s Policies

An obvious example of iOS developer fundamentals is to follow Apple’s policies. They offer a unique user experience, whilst having valid conventions for iOS mobile app development.  Every member of your development team must understand the detailed knowledge of Apple’s guidelines and policies, consistently following them.

Double Layer Testing

Another iOS developer fundamental would be to carry out a double layer testing process. Whilst testing the app in respect to its functionality you should also seek user feedback, to gauge an idea of what your users want.

‍You should continue with this testing process several times until you are extremely certain that your app will comply with the policies of the App Store. As a developer, you should run integration testing, identify any bugs that could be detrimental to the app, and write unit tests, all before launching on the App Store.

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