Marketing Your App – A Strategy for App Store Success

There are many ways that you can approach marketing your mobile app and you must develop an effective marketing strategy to promote brand awareness straight after launch. It’s important to understand how the different forms of marketing can be interlinked for an overall successful app marketing campaign. This is the same for all app marketers, no matter how big the app development campaign is. In this blog post, we’ll be going through some of the key marketing strategies that you need to be aware of to effectively market your mobile app and boost the sales of your application on the App Stores.

Importance of Market Research

Before even designing and developing your app, you should be aware of the audience you’re trying to reach. Understanding the demographic, age, lifestyle and recreational habits, will allow you to recognise who you’re selling your mobile app to. It’s key that you’re specific with your target audience to ensure that the app specifically benefits your demographic and addresses the pain points that your users are currently facing.

Whilst it’s key to look at the potential target market, you should also have a keen eye on competitors in the industry. You should analyse their marketing efforts and note what they have done well, and more importantly, what hasn’t been successful. If you are late on the market and you create an imitation of an app that is already on the App Store, the application is unlikely to be successful in terms of downloads and user up-take.

Ensure that Your App Is Visible

Optimising your application on the App Store is important in getting maximum downloads. Getting your app higher in the app store rankings ensures that your mobile application is visible in the search results. The higher your app is in the rankings, the more downloads you’re likely to receive. Here are some things you need to remember for optimising the app.

  1. Make your app/brand name is concise and readable, the brand should be recognised as soon as the app appears in the search results.
  2. Use the description as a place where you explain to the user what your app does and what problem it solves.
  3. Show the users the key features your application has using screenshots and utilising the power of app store assets.

The Power of Video

Video is the most popular form of content, especially amongst younger markets, and you can create YouTube videos about your app that will help spread the word and help users get a grasp of what your product is about. An excellent way of marketing your application is to create video content with something recognisable to the user such as a celebrity or a famous meme. There are some key points you should remember if you’re thinking about creating promotional videos:

  • Keep the video short and concise
  • Focus on the strong features of your application
  • Integrate a strong call to action

Create a Promotional Website for the Application

A website for your mobile app is a must as it is one of the key sources of app downloads. Many apps now create a promo video and then create a pre-launch landing page. Once the video is on the website, you can share the content on social media, the App Stores or even paid advertisement. Alongside promoting your app, the pre-launch website can allow you to do some search engine optimisation (SEO) by starting to build the domain authority. Ensure that you implement an email collection area of the website, this can be effective for email marketing and other remarketing strategies. You can also add a review area, showing off some authentic reviews of your mobile application.

Social Media Presence

If you want your business’ app to benoticed you need to be on social media. Along with boosting brand awareness and visibility, social media provides you with lots of information about your followers. is fundamental and will help you adapt your marketing strategy to your followers. Learning things such as interests, demographics, and when users are more active on social channels

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