5 Questions You Must Ask Your App Developers

Many businesses are now thinking about venturing into developing a mobile app as they have a strong online presence already in the form of a website. These companies are looking to attract more customers and offer current customers a greater experience. On the whole, this means that you will be looking for suitable app developers for your project. As building an app isn’t cheap, you must be asking the developer the right questions before signing the contract. Here are some questions you should ask the app developer before they start the build.

Can I See the Apps That You Have Previously Built?

Here at Appoly, we showcase the apps we have already built on our website for maximum transparency between ourselves and our customers. Although technical expertise is vital, you can’t overlook past products that the app developer has built. The app development agency that you’re in contact with should be happy to show off their previous app projects, this will help you get a better gauge of your potential return on investment. If the app agency doesn’t have a portfolio of apps or they don’t look professional, you must be careful! If the company is reliable, they’re likely to have good reviews on Google, App Store and websites like Clutch.co.

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How Much is the Project Going to Cost?

You will want to find out how much the overall development project will cost. The mobile app developer is unlikely to give you an exact figure on how it will cost as things can change throughout the project. However, it’s important that they offer you a ballpark figure regarding app project costs and expenses. Another important thing to remember is to ask about providing app updates and technical tweaks to the app post-launch. This is because apps can become outdated very quickly and you will need consistent updates and amendments. You should think about going elsewhere if the app development company doesn’t provide this level of hosting and maintenance after the launch.

What Platforms will my App be Available On?

You’ll need to speak to your app developers about what app platforms it will be available on. For example, will the app be available on both Android and iOS? If you would like your application to be available on multiple platforms you should tell the developer when they provide you a price estimate. Also, you should ask whether the agency has experience in a particular platform. If they say that they’re more experienced in Android and you want an iOS app, we advise you to look elsewhere.

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Do You Have a Good Understanding of my Business and the Target Audience?

It would be very difficult for an app developer to build an app without having any understanding of the business and the audience the app is trying to reach. However, it’s important to understand that they won’t know absolutely everything about your business. If they seem like they’re interested in what you do and invested in your project, that’s a good sign.

What are the Processes That Are Taken to Build an App?

Many companies make the mistake of not planning their mobile app out. However, the initial idea that brands have, often have flaws. This often has a detrimental effect on the app in the long term. The best mobile app development agencies will start the process with a conversation with the client about the target market and the industry as a whole. At Appoly, we research the company in depth while also looking at wireframing and the design process. This helps ensure that we are on track to produce the app to the initial customer requirements. 

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