The Importance of User Experience

The user experience is vital in developing a successful app or website, without engaging the user, they will not use your product or recommend your brand to others. Read on below to see how you can make the user experience the best it possibly can be to ensure your official app or website launch can be successful. For further information on user experience, visit our UX page on our website.


First impressions are vital, so if a user feels that your website is not aesthetically engaging, then this immediately affects their perception of your brand and reduces the likelihood that they will choose to engage with your business. To avoid this, seek out a highly skilled web designer such as our website design specialists at Appoly who can help to ensure that you offer customers an optimal user experience with an attractive user interface.


If your users cannot work their way around your app or website then you are in trouble! Your users will expect a great user experience and your app/website should function as intended, fulfilling its original purpose. Ensure you have a simple and easy to navigate product to avoid confusing users, alsp adding individual pages and tabs into your website will act as directions in order to optimise the user experience.

User Feedback

If the user experience isn’t great, this will inform users’ perception of your brand and the feedback on your product which influences a new user’s decisions to engage with your product or service. However, constructive feedback will enable you and your developers to implement any changes that need to be made. With the correct constructive criticism, user feedback can be extremely helpful in improving the quality and standards of your app. 

Image of two people giving a woman some feedback.

Interest and Interaction

In order to maintain a positive user experience it is crucial that you are on top of development and updates. If you are not updating your product’s functionality or design then you may start to fall behind when pitted against competitors. Apps like Pokémon Go are a prime example of this, nothing was changed or enhanced for a long time, and so the initial surge of interest and engagement with the product plummeted after time. Even the largest organisations and corporations need to change and elevate products and processes to sustain their popularity.

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