Company Announcement

In 2017, software developer James Merrix founded Appoly UK, a technology and software development studio. After just two years, James established Appoly UK’s new headquarters in Leamington Spa. James expanded the team from three to a group of over twenty highly skilled individuals and opened its second office with the acquisition of Red C Mobile, a London based mobile app development agency. James made these cornerstone decisions to ensure that we continue building, innovating, and delivering high-quality digital solutions. 

In just four short years, Appoly UK has evolved into an award-winning development agency that has built a vast range of industry-leading mobile apps and solutions for a varied client base. As the agency has continued to evolve at a rapid speed, it will come as no surprise that we set our sights on establishing a global presence to reach far more international businesses with our services. This year, the Appoly Group is thrilled to announce that we are opening a third office in Melbourne, Australia. We will continue to establish our presence internationally, with the opening of Appoly AU, to help more businesses transform and digitise their processes, building on their customer experience offering. 


If you’re already familiar with the team here at Appoly UK, you’ll be aware that from the agency’s inception, Appoly UK has been leading the market, delivering high-quality native mobile apps and web applications. We have focused on pushing the boundaries of technology and placing innovation and collaboration at the heart of everything we deliver. James built Appoly UK upon the core principles of innovation, honesty, transparency and accountability, enabling us to provide class-leading solutions for all of our clients. Capitalising on the team’s combined experience and our company culture and philosophy, we have been able to establish long-standing and highly successful working relationships with our UK and Australia based clients, helping them propel their businesses forward by leveraging the power of technology.

Directed by Appoly’s General Manager, Tristan will be relocating back down-under to our new city centre Melbourne office to drive Appoly Group’s expansion goals. The Appoly AU team will support the outstanding work that we deliver in the UK while tapping into a new talent pool so that together Appoly can offer 16 hours of development per day and near to 24/7 support to our clients based in both Europe and Oceania regions. 

Our main objective is to continuously improve our clients’ response to market changes by offering them access to 24/7 service level agreement options with a growing team of talent to drive our clients’ digital solutions forward. This expansion will also provide Appoly AU with the opportunity to work and collaborate with more fantastic businesses across the Oceania continent to drive value creation and digital transformation for new clients and industry sectors. 

Join Our Team

If you’d like to join James and our growing team on this journey, we are currently looking out for talented individuals to join our UK and Australian teams. Please email us your CV/portfolio, and we will reach out with relevant opportunities. 

We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with our existing team and clients. We continue to evolve and solidify our presence as a serious player in the app development space. We thank our clients for entrusting us with their businesses as we continue to expand our team and services and transform business processes with award-winning digital solutions. 

To enquire about the services that Appoly can offer, please reach out to Georgia via email

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