What Have We Learnt from Apple’s 2021 WWDC?

At Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC, they revealed some of their upcoming plans for 2021. Apple is a company that consistently moves with the times, and there are not many brands that match their ability to stay up-to-date and relevant in the world of technology. Read on below to find out a few of the many additions that Apple have in the plans for their users in iOS 15!

Improved Privacy and Security

One of the major issues concerning customers when using technology is privacy and data encryption. Apple has addressed these concerns with their new privacy policy and this will be rolled out in the iOS 15 update. Apple has ensured that companies will not be able to track users through their IP address as they have obscured them for all iOS users.

This will initially take place only on the Mail app as well as Safari, yet there are plans to expand this in the near future. Apple will begin to track all apps that send off your data, as well as apps that have access to your camera.

Changes to Safari

Whilst on the topic of Safari, Apple has made some changes to it in the upcoming update. The intention is to push Safari as the main search engine as it has been playing second fiddle to Google’s Chrome for quite some time. On the macOS Monterey, Apple has aimed to make Safari the optimum choice by giving it a sleeker look and adding additional sync features to other devices. Apple is planning to implement the desktop Safari updates onto iPhone and iPad so the three devices can be easily connected.

Find My AirPods

This next feature is an extremely exciting prospect for those of us who keep losing our AirPod case! Apple is implementing a tracking device for AirPods and AirPod Pros. This consists of a ’Bluetooth beacon’ being released from the Airpods which can help your ’Find My Network’ devices locate your lost AirPods.

Striving Towards Better Health

Apple’s new updates for the Health app on the iWatch will now identify the likelihood of you having a fall or collapsing. This is a great addition for elderly users or users with health issues as it can alert them when to stop exercising or exerting themselves too much physically and could potentially save lives. They are calling this addition ‘steadiness’, it is scientifically tested and based on how you walk throughout the day. ‘Steadiness’ will tell you the chances of you collapsing and will notify you with an alert.

Increased Siri Compatibility

Up until iOS 15, Siri has only been compatible with Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac and HomePod. Siri will soon become available to companies that would like to support it, for example, if you have a smart thermostat or speaker at home, as long as it has a microphone then Siri will be compatible with it.

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