How Can Technology Support Sustainability

As threats such as global warming and climate change are on the rise, we are in need of technology that can help to support sustainability within the world. These pressing issues are leading consumers to opt for more sustainable products in order to reduce their carbon footprint, leading 31% to go out of their way in order to do so. At Appoly, we recognise the importance of technology and how it can help businesses adopt more sustainable processes. Below are a few ways how technology can help to support sustainability.

Meat Alternatives

Animal agriculture is responsible for around 14.5% of human emissions worldwide. Consumers are continuously looking for ways to limit their meat intake. This can be helped through the use of technology as companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods whilst using the latest technology are introducing more plant-based substitutes that will help people slowly adjust to a meat-free lifestyle. 

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is one of the main solutions that consumers look for when it comes to sustainability. On top of apps created in order to limit your energy usage, technology has advanced to allow solar power to become a viable option for businesses and homeowners alike. Companies have implemented apps like SimplySolar as this technology is used to prioritise solar energy and ensure it is optimised to full capacity in order to save energy. The majority of people are using solar power as a secondary source of energy, however, in time and with the rate at which technology is improving it is expected to become a primary source as it’s widely accessible and renewable. 

Energy Storage

Technological advances have helped with overall energy storage. In the past, the main source of energy storage was a standard battery, however, batteries are far from sustainable and so this has changed with future technological advances. In recent times, companies like Tesla who are known for revolutionising technology, have created their Powerwall. This ensures businesses can run efficiently with stored energy and it decreases the amount of energy that is wasted.

Hygiene Surveys

When it comes to sustainability, consumers are concerned about health and safety. With the benefit of technology, survey programs such as SMARTouch have been implemented to offer businesses improved hygiene, air quality and overall health and safety. This is a safe way for businesses to maintain their hygiene standards and ratings without any in-person visits having to occur, removing the potential of viruses spreading if hygiene standards are not up to scratch.

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