What Is a Code Review and Why Might You Need One?

A code review is a process in which a developer’s code is checked over by a peer or senior developer. Or you can commission an app development agency to review your existing code before your product is launched to the live environment or App Stores. When carried out correctly, a code review can help developers or product owners discover bugs within the code before the app or website goes live. Or it can also reduce the time taken in the latter stages of development if the code is optimised earlier on. Read on below to learn more about code reviews.

<H2> Is a Code Review Necessary? </H2>

At Appoly, we believe a code review is extremely important when you’re developing a mobile app or website. There are many reasons for this, yet the main reason is to mitigate risk at an early stage and ensure your product is of the highest quality before launching. If part of the code is developed by an in-experienced developer then it may not be up to scratch. If you do not check or oversee the work it may be ridden with bugs and set you back weeks in development thereby delaying your overall timeline and launch date. Another point is ensuring the code is reviewed before it is passed onto a new development team, for example, if you were to work with us here at Appoly and we received a poorly written code, we would conduct a code review to have a in-depth look at the state of the existing code to determine whether it is fit for purpose and to decipher what needs to be rectified before we can progress with any further development. 

<H2> What Are The Benefits of a Code Review? </H2>

There is a wide range of benefits associated with carrying out a code review, and one of the key benefits is ensuring consistency between the original design and implementation. If a developer’s code is consistently being altered by other developers, then you run the risk of being left with a final product that is extremely different from the original design and specification, potentially resulting in a product that fails to reflect or address the user’s needs and fails to appeal to the target demographic.

The main benefit of a code review is optimising for better performance. If a peer or better yet, an experienced developer from a reputable development agency is able to check through the original developer’s code they can point out the mistakes and bugs within it and also make suggestions for general functional improvements or features that the original developer has overlooked to ensure that the app meets the users needs and appeals to the target demographic.

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