How Can Team Augmentation Aid Your Development Team

A team augmentation approach within your business will boost your development to an exponential level. Team augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that is used to staff an internal or client project. The process involves evaluating existing staff in order to determine which additional skills are required. In essence, its the process of recruiting a specialist from outside the company to improve the in-house team’s capabilities.

This process allows the company to have control and visibility of their development team whilst they gain important knowledge and skills, and concurrently helps to enhance productivity, efficiency and growth of the business. Below are a few of the benefits of a team augmentation approach to development.

Saves Your Business Money

For any business, less staff means less wages to pay, and by adopting a team augmentation approach to development this is very much the case. Commissioning an external developer to join your team to teach them the necessary skills will reduce costs as opposed to hiring an entirely new development team.

Stronger Output

If a business were to hire specialists to train their in-house team instead of recruiting new team members it demonstrates that they value their existing team as they would like to add additional capabilities and skills, investing and enhancing the existing team. The team members will feel valued and respected and will learn from a new developer that offers new skills and capabilities.

Business Progression

Team augmentation or staff augmentation is great for the stake-holders of the business as it will be easier to track progress as there are no external outsourced teams that need to be considered. This process can ensure that the company stays on track and allows the stake-holders to address any challenges that may occur as they have a clear window into the business.

Clearer Understanding of The Business

With a team augmentation approach, your development is still in-house. This means that your current employees who are already aware of your business principles can continue striving within the development sector. Adopting a team augmentation model means that they will also develop a better understanding of your business objectives as they are already firmly rooted within the organisation. This means that your current team will learn much quicker than a brand-new team who is not familiar with your business, principles and ways of working.

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