Development Trends of 2021

At Appoly, we try our best to keep on top of the development trends throughout the years, we do this to maintain an expert knowledge within the development industry. After all, what use is our development team if they are not aware of the biggest trends in development. Be sure to read on below to have a look at the top development trends of 2021.

Cloud Computing is Stronger Than Ever

Due to the global pandemic, many industries were severely impacted financially and some even went under due to lack of clients or business costs which owners/employers could not afford. Despite this, there were a select few digital companies such as Amazon & UberEats as well as Zoom, the last of which absolutely skyrocketed due to it being one of the main way to facilitate communication in businesses. A key development trend that rose from the ashes in 2021 was cloud computing. Cloud adoption has simply become one of the most popular software development trends this year. The entire globe should be attempting to jump over to cloud computing as it is in high demand and will quickly be taking over as the front-runner for software development. They say not to always jump on the bandwagon, yet with cloud computing there is never a better time to jump onto a recent trend.

Increase of The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things can be easily described as the use of the internet to connect computer devices to everyday objects. This is one of the main development trends of 2021 due to it having predictions of connecting more than 41 billion devices by 2027! This calculated prediction is due to its ability to collect high volumes of data from sensors and can process and transport it throughout many cloud networks. If you are confused on how The Internet of Things works and want to get your business involved with it then be sure to contact us at Appoly. We have an extensive R&D programme with Internet of Things experimenting, beacons, RFID tags and a wide variety of IoT sensors, including accelerometers, light and temperature. See our website page on this subject for more information.

AI Continues its Upward Trajectory

At Appoly we can only see one movement with artificial intelligence and that is up. We predict that it will gain more and more popularity each year, so if you are not on board with it then now is the time to learn more about how you could benefit from AI technology! According to the 2020 McKinsey state of AI survey in the US, more than 50% of companies have implemented AI in at least one function in their business. We imagine this statistic will be much higher as we enter 2022 so it’s important that businesses are aware of the way that AI can help to transform processes.

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