Converting Your Website into an App

With the majority of online traffic coming from smartphones, the era of the app is quickly coming into focus. Websites certainly offer their own unique benefits when trying to purchase a product or read content but with the considerable optimisations that need to be undertaken in order to get a website working well on mobile devices, there are plenty of sites that aren’t properly designed to function on mobile. While mobile functionality is a key part of an effective digital marketing strategy, there is still a considerable lack of websites designed specifically with mobile in mind which can make regular usage a challenge. A good way to circumvent this issue is to convert the website directly into an app.

Why Should I Convert my Website into an App?

There are multiple demographics to whom mobile platforms make up the majority of their online time. While there is still plenty of regular web usage, more and more of these people are shifting their focus to app over browsers due to the optimised experience an app can offer. The regular access that a user has to an app with it being placed directly on their home screen also means that they are far more likely to repeatedly visit it. Of course, repeated visits and a positive browsing experience are far more likely to lead to a conversion.

The App Conversion Process

  1. Create a list of features you want to implement within your app. It’s important to understand why you want to make an app and which website features you want to implement within, this will play a major role in the planning process and is a pre-requisite ahead of starting development of any form.
  2. Once you’re done with the basic planning stage, you’re going to want to find a team to handle the development. It’s pretty rare for a business to have an in-house development team so you’re likely going to need to find a third-party developer who can take care of the coding. This is one of the services we offer at Appoly and we are more than happy to discuss potential ideas for app builds.
  3. Now comes the part you’ve likely been dreading – it’s time to discuss finances. Making an app isn’t cheap and having a realistic view of how much it may cost will allow you to properly budget for all of the features you want included. To discuss our pricing options and to get a quote for your build, contact our team at Appoly today.
  4. Once the budgeting and planning is ready, you’re ready to start the development of the app. This is usually an intensive process and can get pretty complex for larger websites, something that further emphasises the importance of hiring a high-quality design team. It’s important to be adaptable and provide the design team with as much information as possible in order to create an app that not only looks great, but also offers a great user experience to your clients.
  5. Once the previous four steps are done, your app should be in a decent state. Before officially declaring completion and uploading the app to the relevant store, you should look to thoroughly test it. Users are incredibly talented when it comes to breaking stuff and you’re likely going to find several issues during the testing process that will need to be remedied before the app becomes commercially available.

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