How to Submit an App to the App Store

Getting your app live on the app store is integral to giving your consumers access. The high majority of the app downloads that take place online go through play or IOS stores with plenty of – especially less tech savvy – consumers not even knowing how to download an APK directly from a web browser. An app store looks to streamline this process by making it as simple as possible; with millions of apps featuring on each app store, how do you actually get an app live on the app store?

Collating App Information

Whether you’re looking to publish to the play store, IOS store or any other platform, you’re likely going to need some information about the app as well as the business/service behind it. Apple is especially pedantic about this information and you’re going to need to submit direct links to privacy policies and support pages to ensure customers know where to go should they have any queries on these subjects. Of course, you’re also going to need to consider additional factors such as search categories, age rating, etc.

Developer Consoles

Apple Store Connect and Google Play Developer Console are both examples of consoles through which developers can submit applications to their respective platforms. Developer consoles also allow linking to features such as Google Wallet and Merchant Centre which individually allow for managing of revenue and advertising. These developer consoles are the one-stop-shop for everything app and you’re likely going to be working very closely with these when building your own; through the ‘create an application’ tab you’re going to be able to start submitting some basic information.

Once you’ve created a section for the app project, some of the more complex information we collated earlier is going to come in handy. In order to help your app be found in search engines, you will also need to submit titles and descriptions; this is just one of the aspects you need to consider when proceeding to this stage of the app upload process.


Now that you’ve submitted most of the technical details, it’s time to upload the app itself. While their location slightly varies based on your preferred platform, developer consoles each have their own space within which you can submit an APKs or app bundles.

Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve put together the bulk of the information as well as the app itself, you’re almost ready to finalise the submission. However, first you’re going to have to consider content rating and pricing; these processes get much simpler if your app is free and does not require any parental supervision as this can lead to additional checks being required.

App Submission

Every app submission process is unique, but generally at this point you’ll be ready to submit the application. Time to complete your submission and pending the review process you’ll be able to see your app roll-out. Please note that review times and costs may vary based on platform.

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