Top Industries Benefiting from Mobile Apps in 2022

Mobile apps offer an unbridled number of benefits to a business – everything from a boost in conversion rates, to improvements in general usability. As we approach the end of 2022, we are seeing more and more brands integrating mobile applications within their wider marketing and consumer engagement solutions while reaping the rewards for doing so. The versatility of mobile apps allows for their use within a multitude of industries with some of the leading conglomerates across the globe making use of their own custom builds. Below are some of the top industries that are making use of mobile apps in 2022.


How does a sports site stand out from their competitors and ensure a high client retention rate seeing as there are so many alternatives on the market? The integration of a mobile application is one of the leading answers to this question. Look no further than applications such as the official Premier League app, or BBC sports when looking for successful instances of mobile apps that see millions of monthly visitors every month.


Due to the emphasis placed on security when it comes to businesses within the financial industry, many websites within this space are incredibly sluggish and can be a real struggle to navigate. Even with an inconvenient website, this is still far more convenient than having to travel to your local bank when wanting to access basic information. A far more practical solution that doesn’t compromise in security is the functionality offered by a mobile app. Banks such as NatWest and Lloyds offer their own mobile applications from where existing customers can quickly access account and plan information.


A very recent addition to the industries making use of mobile applications, the Education sector is finally changing with the times to streamline the lives of students and teachers alike. We’re seeing a great deal of new additions in the form of scheduling tools for teachers and homework monitoring apps for students.


Many of the most popular websites on the internet offer some form of ecommerce capability. When the goal of your business is to sell a product or service, the higher level of consumer interaction and refined conversion funnel can frequently make all the difference when it comes to sealing a purchase. Amazon and eBay are some of the most high profile examples of retail marketplaces that function within a mobile application while applications that offer products purely from a single brand – such as that of Starbucks – are also becoming increasingly common.

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