Creating a Design Concept for Your App

There comes a point during every app planning process where the topic of design comes up. In most cases, design isn’t something that has yet been considered, and the process stalls slightly. Mobile app design is actually one of the most important elements when it comes to creating an application and should be one of the factors that is considered very early on. While it may not be possible to get a full design up and running too early into the process, getting a concept in place is key to ensuring a streamlined solution.

Design Concept

A design concept is an early conceptualisation of what you wish for the overall design to look like. This can come in a whole multitude of complexities with some design concepts serving as full visualisations of the end product, while others may just be rough sketches.

The prime use of a design concept is to keep designers on track and to give shareholders and investors an idea of what the final product may look like.

The Importance of a Design Concept

Serving as a foundation upon which a mobile app can be built, a design concept helps to prevent issues further down the line and ensures that everyone within the team has a clear idea of how the application should look and function. Naturally, by bringing more people in on this stage of the process, you’re far more likely to notice any issues that may be present within the concept and may even get ideas for improving or refining it.

Tips for Creating a Design Concept

  1. You should always look to discuss your ideas with the remainder of the team as well as any decision-makers within the business. There’s a good chance that everyone will have their own idea of how they want the app to look and to ensure a uniform appearance you may wish to collect ideas early on.
  2. No matter how talented you may be at drawing or graphical design, you should always look to translate your ideas into a format where they can be best understood by designers. Informal sketches can be a great way to get your ideas across and help a designer figure out the kinds of things you want from an application.
  3. Have ideas, but not too many; you may be put into a situation where a designer tells you an idea may not quite work – an instance in which it’s important to have a back-up plan. Of course, too many ideas can be counterintuitive as they may not clearly enough demonstrate what you wish to see from an application.

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