Push Notifications in Mobile Apps

User engagement is a key facet for any mobile application – whether selling products, providing services or simply supplying information, an engaged user base is far more responsive and drives conversions creating a much more successful app overall. There is a whole assortment of techniques mobile apps can use to engage users but none are as frequently used as push notifications.

What are Push Notifications?

Whether you realise it or not, push notifications are likely a part of your day-to-day life. Everything from telling you that money has been successfully transferred from your bank account, suggesting that you view someone’s story on social media, letting you know of a received message or email, or even updating you with your latest exercise or sleep data, push notifications can take on a variety of forms to keep users updated on the latest goings-on from applications they have a vested interest in. Originally, push notifications were designed to deliver time-sensitive information to users but they have since evolved to provide information on pretty much everything and anything; simply leave your phone unattended for a few hours and watch it receive countless notifications from apps you forgot you even had.

Push Notifications in Mobile Apps

While certainly not every app needs push notifications, you’d seldom find one that doesn’t in the current day and age. The reason behind this is that push notifications are far more efficient at garnering user interaction. Digital users are notorious for having short attention spans and marketers are frequently stumped on how they can carry out campaigns that actually get a decent amount of interaction from their target audience – this is where push notifications come in.

One of the most popular methods of keeping users engaged with the goings-on of a business is through email campaigns. Unfortunately, not everyone checks their emails and when added to the challenge of bypassing spam filters you’re suddenly outreaching to a fraction of the entire user base; even for those that actually have the email land in their inbox, there’s no guarantee that they’ll do anything other than ignore it.

Push notifications are far more effective than email marketing due to the fact that they appear directly on the user’s devices, and with most people checking their devices multiple times a day, they’re infinitely more likely to see the notification. Of course, not everyone who sees the notification will instantly open the app and buy your product, at the end of the day you’re still working with conversion rates but with far more people actually seeing the notification you can expect to see far higher interaction from the user base.

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