Tell-Tale Signs it’s Time for a Website Redesign

A website plays an integral role by serving as a line of communication between a business and its customers. Whether this be by driving consumers to your premises, purchasing products directly, or simply providing information on who you are, a website gives you an online presence through which you can carry our business processes and grow your consumer base. Technology around websites is constantly developing with new themes, plug-ins, and features constantly being added to a market that is already incredibly vast. There comes a point in the lifecycle of a website where it’s no longer as efficient at fulfilling its purpose as it may have been at creation, this is indicative that a redesign should be carried out to re-optimise the site and better line it up with your business goals.


With the vast majority of businesses having made the switch to online, web development has become an incredibly competitive medium where every minor improvement serves to grow on the experience offered to users. While not all older websites offer terrible functionality, a consumer base tends to gravitate toward that which is easy and pleasant to use. Older websites are far more constraining when it comes to features and if not scaled properly with a business, can frustrate customers and actively inhibit those trying to make use of the systems.

Drop in Conversions

For businesses offering ecommerce through their websites, conversions are key. There is a whole assortment of reasons as to why products or services may not be attracting the desired sales figures but generally a poorly designed website plays a role in this. Consumers naturally tend to be put off by websites that don’t quite look up to scratch or don’t offer the same features or ease of access that competitors might. There are several reasons as to why a website may be responsible for a drop in conversions;

  • A confusing UI can make it challenging for visitors to find products or make their way to desired pages.
  • Outdated visuals can make a site appear spammy or of a low quality.
  • Slow response times may frustrate visitors and lead them to seek out alternative businesses.
  • Older sites may not support integrated payment platforms offering different ways to complete purchases.


A long time spent making updates or considerable effort to carry out simple changes is a tell-tale sign that a website requires a redesign. Many modern sites are designed to be functional both from the front end and back end with minor changes being easy to make even without access to a developer. If you’re unable to make smaller alterations to your site, this can be an indicator that your website requires a redesign.

Search Results and Rankings

Search ranking results and key term rankings are vital when it comes to attracting customers to your website. The Google algorithm considers a broad range of site metrics when deciding on rankings with websites that offer superior functionality commonly ranking better than less optimised alternatives.

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