6 Benefits of Team Augmentation: Why CTOs Are Using This Strategy to Meet Project Deadlines

Team augmentation involves external developers joining an existing internal team to meet the requirements of a project, improving that team’s skills and productivity.

It’s proving a popular alternative to hiring permanent developers, as CTO’s value the scalability and flexibility offered by augmentation.

Here are five reasons why CTOs in the UK are increasingly turning to team augmentation to meet their project deadlines:

1: Increased productivity

Having the right developers on your team can accelerate work and make addressing potential issues simpler. It removes the need for lengthy onboarding processes and you won’t have to spend time teaching the basics or waiting for employees to adapt, since you’ll be hiring people who already have the necessary skills and knowledge.

2: Improved collaboration

Having external developers on board can also help teams collaborate better. When teams are augmented, they learn from one another and bring new perspectives to the table, which in turn fosters a more dynamic environment where collaboration, communication, and creativity are all improved.

3: Better quality assurance

Outsourcing often involves surrendering quality control to an external company. By augmenting an existing internal team, CTOs can ensure the project is completed according to the company’s standards. This is essential to the overall success of the project.

This does rely on one thing: good communication. External developers need to communicate effectively with your existing team and quickly understand what is required of them.

Appoly offers UK-based developers each with more than 10 years of experience working in a variety of teams.

4: Scalable and flexible

Traditional hiring is time-consuming and expensive. You will almost certainly have multiple skill gaps, which a single individual alone is unlikely to fill.

Using a more flexible team augmentation service is the key here, providing you with multiple options. You can change the skillsets and scale your development team up or down as the project progresses.

At Appoly, our clients have the full support of a technology studio to draw upon including consultants, solution architects and UI/UX designers. This means that whatever your project requires, we’ll have an experienced developer who can get to work straight away.

5: More cost-effective than the traditional recruitment model

Traditionally, if a business is looking to augment their team, they’ll turn to a recruitment agency, who will provide a developer from their pool of independent contractors. This has been the go-to model for many years, however CTO’s are realising that turning to a company such as Appoly has many advantages, including cost.

Thanks to the fact that all of the developers we provide on a contract basis are employed by us, Appoly can offer senior developers at as much as a 40% discount on the traditional recruitment agency route.

Of course you could also opt to hire additional permanent developers, however given average recruitment agency fees of 20%, and the additional costs of pensions and taxes, augmentation can really pay off if you’re looking for fast, flexible resource.

6. Take the hassle out of IR35 compliance

The UK’s off-payroll worker legislation, affectionately known as IR35 is just another thing to consider when looking at your options for augmenting your team. 

If you choose to employ a contractor directly, you may be opening yourself up to additional tax liabilities under IR35. On the other hand, a team augmentation relationship with Appoly won’t fall under this legislation.

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