How to Make Your App Subscription Based

Are you considering making your app subscription based? This revenue model can be a great way to generate sustainable income while providing great value to customers. However, ensuring the transition is carried out properly and the subscription meets your users’ needs is important. This blog post will explore all aspects of converting an existing app into a subscription-based service.

What are the Benefits of App Subscriptions

The first key benefit of app subscriptions is customer loyalty. Subscriptions create a sense of commitment between customers and companies that encourages return visits and continued use of an app’s services or features. As customers continue to subscribe, they become invested in the product or service and are less likely to look for alternatives elsewhere.

App subscriptions also allow businesses to better predict future revenue streams. With recurring payments from customers on a regular basis, businesses can plan their budget more accurately. They know exactly how much money is coming in each month and can use this information to set goals and make decisions about spending.

How to Make an App Subscription

Assuming you already have an application and a price point, below are tips on how to set up a subscription payment system for your app. If you are still deciding on a price point for your application, visit the Appoly blog for tips on how to price your app based on its features.

First, define the terms of your subscription plan. Determine how much customers will pay for each period of service; monthly, quarterly, etc. Also, consider offering discounts for long-term subscriptions. You should also decide which features and services subscribers will get access to when they sign up and whether they’ll have the option to upgrade or downgrade their plans over time.

Once you’ve established the details of your subscription plan, you’ll need to implement a payment gateway. This will enable customers to enter their payment information and complete transactions securely. You can use an existing third-party service or integrate a custom solution into your app.

Your app should also have a mechanism for managing customer accounts, such as username and password authentication. This will allow users to create their own profiles, update their payment information, and manage their subscriptions. Additionally, it’s vital that customers can easily cancel or suspend their subscriptions if necessary.

Finally, promote your subscription plan through all available channels such as social media and email. Taking the time to build and market your subscription model effectively will ensure that your app is successful and profitable.

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