GB Car Leasing

GB Car Leasing is an independent car leasing broker based in Caerphilly, Wales and has funded over 40,000 vehicles.

We built an entirely new platform to help improve their online presence, price management, conversion of leads and integration with CAP and QuoteVine systems.


One of the initial challenges was having a system populated with relevant manufacturing, car and model data. It also needs to provide a convenient solution to allow mass assignment of pricing and highlight specific deals on offer.

The site also needed to allow prospective customers to get in touch and register their interest in the specific vehicle would like to find more information on.


A bespoke web platform was developed to integrate all of the vehicle data from CAP and to ensure any inbound enquires are injected into the QuoteVine platform.



The website has increased the number of inbound leads and had has positive feedback on usability and ease of use in managing prices, content and enquiries.