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Web & Mobile App Development Services in Birmingham, UK

If you’re a Birmingham business owner and you’re thinking about having a new web or mobile app developed to improve the functionality of your business; Appoly have a great team of design & development experts who can take you through every step of the process, from an initial idea, to a final bespoke application that has been tailored for optimal performance.
Business in Birmingham is constantly growing and becoming more advanced. The more growth there is in terms of business, the more competition there is, and the more you must do to stay ahead of or keep up with competitors. This is where applications can become very useful. Many of Birmingham’s main business industries could benefit financially and in terms of efficiency and functionality, by implementing either mobile or web applications into their systems.

Let’s discuss Birmingham’s biggest industries and how they could benefit from web and mobile apps.


Birmingham’s Biggest Business Industries & How They Could Benefit from Applications

Birmingham has a vast amount of business that is being fulfilled on a constant basis. There’s a huge variety of industries within the second city, here are some examples of how they could stand to gain from web and mobile application development services:


Public Services – The public services industries are huge in Birmingham, this shouldn’t be surprising seeing as Birmingham is home to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital & a vast amount of schools.

Potential uses for web and mobile application development services in schools and hospitals:

  1. Schools could benefit greatly by using applications for educational purposes, interactive learning is proven to be a great way to engrave knowledge into children’s minds.
  2. Schools could benefit by using apps for registration. Everything being computerised will simplify the process massively and will help schools to monitor attendance and punctuation easier, as well as saving time.
  3. Hospitals could provide patients with much quicker results and better communication if it were able to be done via an official mobile application. This could include the sharing of x-ray results, blood test results, health checks & more.
  4. Another way that hospitals could benefit is by having all a doctor’s current patient information available to them on one device. This would save a lot of crucial time and would make it much harder to misplace patient data.


Transport – Another huge industry in Birmingham is transport. We are already seeing many transport services, such as National Express West Midlands, implementing apps to improve efficiency and functionality. Here are a couple of examples of how transport businesses could benefit from applications:

  1. As mentioned above, National Express West Midlands have already implemented apps to show customers when their buses are due and to let them purchase tickets and passes on the fly. This has so far proven to be very successful for them.
  2. Taxi services would benefit greatly from having apps to allow customers to book a cab on the fly and pay using the app, this could also provide the user with tracking information and various other forms of information that might be useful.



Food – The food industry is big pretty much everywhere you go in the UK, this is certainly no different for Birmingham. There are many ways Birmingham food businesses could benefit from applications. Here are some examples:

  1. Fast food businesses could have an app that allows customers to order and pay for a meal interactively on their mobile device and track the delivery of their food.
  2. Restaurants could have their own application for providing staff members with hygiene and safety training. This would save time and money, as well as giving staff the ability to redo their training at any time to ensure they’re always in the know. Another benefit is that it provides the restaurant with computerised proof that the staff members have completed their training.



There are many other huge industries in Birmingham that could benefit from implementing apps into their processes, if you think yours is one of them, get in touch and we can discuss your project and potential options.


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