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Web & Mobile App Development Services in London, UK

If you’re a London business owner and you’re thinking about having a new web or mobile app developed to improve the functionality of your business; Appoly have a great team of design & development experts who can take you through every step of the process, from an initial idea, to a final bespoke application that has been tailored for optimal performance.
Being the capital city, London is the home of the UK economy and many of its major businesses. Many of London’s main business industries could benefit financially and/or in terms of efficiency and functionality, by implementing either mobile or web applications into their systems.


Let’s discuss London’s biggest industries and how they could benefit from web and mobile apps.



London has a huge amount of business that is being fulfilled on a constant basis. There’s a huge variety of industries within London, here are some examples of how they could stand to gain from web and mobile application development services:


Transport – A huge industry in London is transport. It’s easy to see how the capital city’s busy transport businesses could benefit greatly from apps for streamlining processes and adding efficiency. Here are some examples:

  1. Bus and train lines could provide customers with an app that allows them to purchase tickets on the fly as well as see up-to-date timetables and other information that may be helpful to them.
  2. Taxi services would benefit greatly from having apps to allow customers to book a cab on the fly and pay using the app, this could also provide the user with tracking information and various other forms of information that might be useful.


Media – The capital city and media industries go hand in hand. Whether it’s the BBC and their television broadcast services, or many of the newspaper producers and editors based in Fleet Street and surrounding areas, there are many London based media companies that could benefit a lot from implementing applications into their processes. Here are some examples:

  1. The BBC have already shown how mobile apps can benefit the media industry by using mobile apps for their on-demand services. So far, this has proven to be extremely successful and has allowed them to have more targeted advertising and more detailed analytics too.
  2. Newspaper companies could offer customers a mobile or web application that allows them to purchase digital copies of newspapers that can be read on their device.


Business Services – The fact that London is viewed as the business centre of the UK means that a lot of people go to London businesses for their services. Whether it be marketing, accounting or legal services, they could all benefit from application development. Here are a few examples:

  1. Accountancy firms could offer customers an application where they can quickly upload any files they need to send off and see all their relevant data in one neatly laid out table.
  2. Marketing businesses could have an app developed to automatically pull their clients data and compile a monthly report to show their clients progress.


There are many other huge industries in London that could benefit from implementing web or mobile apps into their processes, if you think yours is one of them, get in touch and we can discuss your project and potential options.



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